Have you tried the pizza hamantaschens at Breads Bakery yet? They are as perfect as Queen Esther on pageant day

Di Fara Pizza


I recently visited Pizzeria Beddia in Philadelphia -- arguably the most exclusive pizza place in the country. They have limited hours and only make a few dozen pies when they're open. Here are my thoughts on the pizza and the overall experience:


The 5 Best Pizzas I Ate In 2017 | I Dream Of Pizza

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Photos from I Dream Of Pizza's post

Next week, I’ll be revealing my 5 favorite pies of 2017! Leading up to the reveal, I’m looking back on some of the pizza that didn’t quite quite make the cut over on Instagram (instagram.com/idreamofpizza).

Follow along over there, and stay tuned for the best pizza I had in 2017!

Check out http://www.idreamofpizza.com today, for a roundup of all of our favorite fashion from this year’s NYC Pizza Run!

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This month on the blog: my review of Atlanta’s Ammazza, located in the city’s Old Fourth Ward neighborhood.

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Who else stuffed their faces with pizza this weekend?? 🙋‍♂️ I was up in the #catskills and hit up a bunch of my favorite spots in the region. This "Ortolano" pie from Westwind Orchard & Cidery was ridiculously good. It's topped with mozz, asparagus, pesto, mustard flowers, wild dandelions, and watercress.

Aliño Pizzeria: Big Hit In A Small Southern Town

Today on the blog I visit Alino Pizzeria in Mooresville, North Carolina!

Not So Great “Shack” Pizza In Taipei

On the blog today... more reviews from Taiwan!

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Happy National Dog Day! This is Sammie. He's not on Facebook. But he loves pizza. 🐾 🐶 #nationaldogday

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Happy #piday! Who is celebrating with some #pizza? Can't think of a better comfort food during a snow storm!

As I hibernate in my NYC apartment, today I'm dreaming of some CALIFORNIA pizza where the weather is warmer and the sun is shining. So I'll be sharing some photos from a few of my favorite Cali pizza spots throughout the day.

First up, 800 Degrees Pizza -- The fast casual has locations all over the West Coast and this is the topping bar at their Santa Monica location. Full review over at IDreamOfPizza.com.

What's your favorite pizza topping??

At Hong Kong’s 208 Duecento, The Decor Outshines The Pies | I Dream Of Pizza

This week on I Dream Of Pizza, I review Hong Kong's 208 Duecento Otto -- where the decor and ambiance outshine the pies.

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Proud of everyone who supported and participated in #internationalwomensday.

There are many amazing pizzerias owned by women. There are many very talented "pizzaiolas" making delicious pies. And an infinite number of other ways that women have had an impact on the world of pizza. Tonight, I raise a slice to all of you!

Pictured here is Rose Bagali who owns and operates John's Pizzeria in Elmhurst, Queens with her daughter Susan. I took this photo in January 2011 when I stopped by with Scott Wiener for a slice.

Tonight... or this weekend... or later this month... find a pizzeria in your area which couldn't survive without women and go support them!

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Here in #NYC we've been experiencing a #detroitstylepizza boom recently with the likes of Emmy Squared and even the new Whole Foods Market in Bryant Park. Tonight I had the chance to try the new Dale Talde restaurant inside Arlo NoMad. There are six delicious pies on the menu Massoni. Pictured: charred brussels sprout, pistachio pesto, and ricotta salata #pizza

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What do you guys think about pineapple on pizza? Gotta say, The Dick Dale from Speedy Romeo LES (featuring speck, pineapple, provel, and grilled scallions) is pretty solid. Pictured here with The Kind Brother (wild mushrooms, smoked mozzarella, farm egg, sage).

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Have you checked out the latest I Dream Of Pizza review? There's a new spot in Manhattan's district called PN Wood Fired Pizza and this is their Salamino pie featuring tomato pulp, fresh mozzarella, and spicy salame. (http://www.idreamofpizza.com/2017/02/dough.html)

I Dream Of Pizza is undergoing some maintenance this week. The full site should be restored shortly. Stay tuned!

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This is a play on #shakshuka pizza that I made for breakfast this morning 🍅 + 🍳 + 🧀

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Checking out some coooooooal fired Loooooong Island pizza tonight

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Happy happy vday to all the lovers (and even, as our president would say, "the haters") out there! Hope you are celebrating with some heart shaped pizza. Tag someone you love below! ❤️ 🍕 ❤️ 🍕 ❤️ 🍕

Dough! New Manhattan Pizza Spot Focuses On Flour

There's a new pizza place in Manhattan which boasts 8 types of flour varieties for its dough. Here's what I thought about it.

Run. Eat a Doughnut. Run.

The NYC Pizza Run is mentioned in the The New York Times today!

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I can't quite express in words the joy that Barack Obama has brought me over the past eight years. So instead of trying to share any sentiments, I decided to make a pizza. I launched I Dream Of Pizza on November 12, 2008 -- just one week after Obama was elected as our 44th president. And if there have been two constants in my life over the past 8 years, it's #POTUS and #PIZZA. I'm not a particularly political person, but today -- Obama's final day as our commander in chief -- is a sad day for me. Yet there is always hope that our newest civilian will invite me over to his new DC digs to fire up some "Potus Pies," right? #thanksobama #44 #obama

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It's time to share with you my #1 FAVORITE pizza of 2016.

About two hours north of New York City is a place called Westwind Orchard & Cidery which serves seasonal pies from an outdoor pizza oven. I don’t recall ever having raspberries, maple, or apple on a pizza before. But their "Orchard" pie that I tried this fall had all of that + tre formaggio cheese and pepper. It was definitely on the sweet side — essentially a dessert pie.

And when I finished it, I immediately wanted another. All winter long, I’ll be thinking about this pie.

Check out my 5 favorite pies of 2016 at http://www.IDreamOfPizza.com.

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We're getting close! My second favorite pizza I had in 2016, was actually from one of the first pizza places I visited this year: PROOF. The standout pizza there is an oxtail pie featuring mozzarella, black garlic, thyme, and caramelized onions. It's sweet, meaty and flavorful, and every bite melts in your mouth.

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Onward! My 3rd favorite pizza of 2016 comes from flour+water. It's one of my favorite San Francisco, California restaurants, even though I’ve never actually reviewed it on IDOP.

Whenever I’m in town, I try and stop by for their mouthwatering pizzas and pasta. This summer a seasonal pie blew my mind — their Biancoverde pizza featuring green zebra tomatos, mozzarella di bufala, garlic scapes, and lemon basil. It also might win the prize for best looking pizza of the year!

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Coming in at #4... on the list of the best pizzas I had this year:

Pan baked Detroit-style pies made a big splash in Brooklyn this year with the opening of Emmy Squared. My favorite pie on the menu there is the Marn Blac feautring mozzarella, ricotta, pecorino, and caramelized onions. There are about a dozen other pies you can choose from and all of them are delicious. But I’m a sucker for caramelized onions which is why this pie stands out of the pack for me.

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All day today, I'm going to be counting down the top 5 pizzas I ate this year.

Starting things off, let me transport you to Raohe Street Night Market in Tapei, Taiwan -- easily, the most unique pizza I had this year. Nestled between stalls serving dumplings and fried chicken, was a vendor which has no English name (幸花明太子起司烤餅 總部). His pies are served on a flat piece of bread, topped with a mayo-like sauce and cheese, and placed on a conveyor belt. After it comes off, it’s topped with spices. It costs the equivalent of about $1.90 USD and is worth every penny.

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dire situation in the east village rn

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Another image from Havana. December 2012. Two pizzialos work in the kitchen of a non-descript pizzeria under the watchful eye of Che.

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I've been thinking a lot about Cuba this week, in light of Fidel Castro's death. I had the chance to visit there with in 2012. And in addition to traditional Cuban food, I also ate a ton of pizza.

The pizza itself was just okay. But I loved capturing the pizzerias and vibrant locals enjoying a slice or two on the streets of Havana. Over the next few days, I'll share some never before seen photos that I took throughout the trip.

I imagine some of these places look the same now as they did 50 years ago. And with the end of the embargo, who knows how much longer they'll be around. So... here's to a moment in time, as seen through my own saucy and cheesy lens.

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This week on IDreamOfPizza: 7 Ways To Incorporate Pizza Into Your Wedding. Check out my tips for organizing a pizza-themed wedding. One of my favorite tips... send your ring bearer down the aisle with a pizza box! Visit http://www.idreamofpizza.com for more!

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If you support Hillary for president AND our God given right to eat as much damn pizza as we want, share this photo and make your voice heard! #imwithher #hillaryforpresident #election2016

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Happy Halloween! Anyone incorporate pizza into their costume tonight??

Want proof for how hard it is to open a pizza restaurant in NYC? Was doing some maintenance on I Dream Of Pizza recently and going through places I've reviewed in NYC over the past 8 years, alphabetically. Here's are the statuses of the top of the list:

180 Neapolitan Eatery - CLOSED
57 Napoli Pizza E Vino - CLOSED
900 Degrees - CLOSED
A Slice of Naples - CLOSED
Artichoke Basille's
Colicchio & Sons - CLOSED
Da Franco - CLOSED
Di Fara
Eddie's Pizza Truck - CLOSED
Forcella - CLOSED

8 of the first 11 New York pizza spots I've reviewed (again, alphabetically) are gone. Any way you "slice" it (ha!), it's a cutthroat business here in NYC.

Scenes From A Pizza-Slinging Hudson Valley Orchard

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Dreaming about #pizza while stuck in Holland Tunnel traffic. How about you?

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Golden Knights Pizza